Ames Beckerman is a New York City based photographer, writer, performer and producer.


Many of Ames' personal projects hold themes of identity and sexuality. In 2015, Ames began  medically transitioning from female to male, and during that time he collaborated with many transgender and queer individuals that eased his struggle with gender identity and the need to transition.


Some of his career highlights include being featured in RISK!: True Stories People Never Thought They'd Dare to Share by Kevin Allison published by Hachette Books in July 17, 2018. Ames’ contribution is his hysterical, heartbreaking and warm hearted tale of his coming out to his Mother at his Grandmother’s funeral. In addition, Ames spent the early part of the aughts performing and producing comedy shows in the northeast area. Memorable shows were the long-running Dykes on Mics at Henrietta Hudson’s as well as his one woman show They Don’t Serve Chicken Parm in Bellevue at the Magnet Theatre. 

March 2019: Ames was selected to model in The Gender Spectrum Collection which was produced by Broadly/Vice and photographed by Zachary Drucker.

June 2019: Ames was selected to model in the Saks X Stonewall LGBTQ Pride Collection.


As a photographer, he works with his subjects to create an image that best represents their brand. He has a knack for making you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera and creating an image that represents your brand.  Ames subjects and style has ranged from photographing performers, weddings and over 2000 newborns in all the major hospitals in the tri-state area.

Sylense Labit Photography

Saks X Stonewall

Zackary Drucker, The Gender Spectrum Collection


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